Self-extinguishable Fberglass Sleeving

Self-extinguishable fiberglass sleeving treated at a high temperature, is the sleeving braided with non-alkali fiberglass and coated with a special kind of silicone resin. Self-extinguishable fiberglass sleeving possesses good qualities of dielectric. Self-extinguishment, excellent softness and elasticity. 

It is widely used as wiring insulator for H grade electrical machinery TV sets and electric apparatus and also for the protection of collected strands of wire.


White, clear and neat ends


Usually as1000(+20 -10)mm, Continuous length may be negotiated.


l  Protective coverings for automotive wiring harnesses and ABS brake wiring.

l  Aerospace and aircraft wiring leads.

l  Heat generating appliances such as coffee pots, hair dryers, toasters, etc.

l  Covering for leads on extrusion plastic molding, die casting machinery, presses, etc.

l  High voltage transformers.