PET Polyester Film


Polyester (PET) film is a versatile plastic widely used in many applications. PET materials exhibit good chemical resistance and are tough and durable when compared to other commodity resins with similar performances and price ranges. This material can also be die cut or laser cut to efficiently create products with consistent designs.


l  High temperature, easy processing, good resistance to voltage insulation.

l  Excellent mechanical properties, rigidity, hardness and toughness, puncture resistance, high temperature and low temperature. Resistant to chemicals, oil resistance, air tightness and good fragrance, is commomly uesd barrier composite film substrate.

l  Thickness of 0.12mm, commonly used for cooking packaging outer layer of printing is better.

Structural Performance:

PET polyester film, has passed the United States UL certification, is widely used in pipe for for motor, packaging, printing, clothing and electronics and so on.

Price is depending on quality lebel and the thickness of different division.


The dimensional stability of polyester film allows it to be used in numerous applications, including face shields, laminates, membrane circuitry, electronic insulation, carrier films, and a variety of graphic arts applications.