Hollow Quartz Fiber Yarn

Hollow Quartz Fiber Yarn is same as same as quartz fiber yarn except its hollow filaments. With the hollow filaments, quartz fiber yarn gains much better properties in lower density, higher electrical conductivity, better wave permeability, more excellent dieletrical property and heat insulation.


l  Make fabrics for furnace lining in industrial applications and semicon.

l  High temperature seals

l  High temperature cables

l  Filtration at elevated temperature and/or in aggressive environment

l  Thermocouple insulation

l  Satellite thermal protection

l  Insulation in automotive exhausts

l  Radome,Electromagntic window

l  Stealth materials with syructural performance for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Uninhabited Aerial Vehicles, fighter, bombers, ships, submarines, tanks.

l  Ablative materials