Foam Rubber Insulation Pipe

Foam Rubber Insulation are soft heat insulating, heat preservation and energy conservation materials made with advanced technology at home and abroad and advanced full automatic continuous production line imported from abroad, and through development and improvement by ourselves, using butyronitrile rubber and polyvinyl chloride (NBR, PVC) with performance as main raw materials and other high quality auxiliary materials through foaming special procedure and so on.

Facing: can be covered with aluminum foil and adhesive paper.


For condensation prevention and energy loss limitation where pipes and ducts, chillers and air conditioning equipment are required. Efficiently reduces heat flow on hot systems, duct work, large piping, tanks and fittings.


l  Easy for installation

l  Moisture resistance

l  Fiber-free elastomeric foam

l  Excellent anti-steam permeated ability

l  Closed structure can effectively prevent thermal conduction.

Technical Data: