Chopped Strand Mat

Chopped strand mat is a kind of reinforcing product that made from continuous fiberglass strand, which is chopped into a certain length, then distributed in a random and non-directional position, finally bond together with binders, applied in production of FRP process such as hand lay-up, mold press, winding and mechanical forming, etc.


l  Various panels, boats, sets of bathroom equipment.

l  Automobile parts, winding pipes, cooling towers, vehicle roofs, etc.


l  Uniform density ensures consistent fiberglass content and mechanical properties of the composites products.

l  Uniform powder distribution ensures good mat integrity, little loose fibers and small roll diameter.

l  EXcellent flexibility ensures good moldability with no spring-back at sharp corners.

l  Fast and consistent wet-out speed in resins and rapid air release reduce resin consumption, improving manufacturing costs, productivity and mechanical properties of the end products.

l  The composite products have high dry and wet tensile strength and good transparency.