Ceramic Fiber Thin Board

Ceramic fiber thin board is the ceramic fiber board with the thickness of 2-13mm, made from the every grade of ceramic fiber wool removed the shots, and adding proper proportion of organic and inorganic binders. The products has the features of homogeneous texture, uniform thickness, acute size, low density, low thermal conductivity, excellent strength etc. The product can be used in the filed of fireproofing, refractory and insulation.

Comparing with the regular ceramic fiber, the thin boards have lower shot content, lower thermal conductivity, more acute size, hardness and strength. Because of the thickness, the boards doesn 't have the shot, and this provide a lower thermal conductivity, and excellent performance on high temperature resistance.


l  Low shrinkage, and excellent stability

l  Low thermal conductivity excellent thermal performance

l  High strength, excellent machining performance

l  Can be used on hotface direct contact fire

l  Excellent thermal shock resistance

l  Low density, and low heat storage


l  Various high temperature refractory resistance field

l  Insulation material for household appliances such as gas boiler

l  Washer, gaskets for SCR catalyst

l  Filling material for expansion joints of industrial furnace lining

l  Lining material for boiler combustor

l  Lining material foe ceramic kiln, glass furnace