Alumina Fiber Blanket

Alumina fiber blanket, firstly appeared in 1950s, and be industrialised produced at the begining of 1970s. According to different fiber length, it is classified to catagories---continuous long fiber and short fiber. Alumina fiber blanket belongs to short fiber product, and alumina fiber cloth belongs to long fiber product.

Alumina fiber is manufactured by"Sol-Gel"colloidal method, to be microcrystalline mullite phase high temperature refractory fiber through high-temperature calcination.

Alumina fiber blanket is manufactured from Alumina fiber by doubled needled, doesn’t contain any additives or other ingredients.


l  Excellent high temperature stability

l  Tiny shrinkage on heating

l  Low shot content, Prominent refractory and insulation performance

l  High blackness, good heat reflection performance

l  Low heat storage, low thermal conductivity

l  Uniform fiber diameter distribution, high tensile strength

l  Strong wind resistance

l  Good high temperature flexible performance, excellent thermal shock and mechanica vibration resistance

Stable chemical performance, high corrosion resistance


l  Raw material of alumina fiber composite module

l  Furnace in steel and iron industry with temperature between 1250℃ -1500℃

l  High temperature furnace in petrochemical industry

l  High temperature gap filler material

l  Fast firing kiln lining in ceramic industry

l  Electromagnetic shuttle kiln lining

l  Sealing gasket of three way catalytic converter in auto industry

l  Sealing gasket in high temperature section 

l  High temperature filter medium