UHMWPE Webbing

Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene fiber is a kind of impact resistance, wear resistance, self lubrication performance is excellent, low temperature performance of one of the world's three high performance fibers, known as the world's most tensile fibers.


l  Wear resistance, anti sliding friction ability

l  Corrosion resistance

l  Self run, its own sliding performance than the oil lubricated steel or brass

l  Resistance to low temperature

l  Surface Non adhesion, non fouling, ultra high molecular weight polyethylene pipe due to the small coefficient of friction and non polarity, with non adhesion surface

l  Anti cracking of optimal, ultra high molecular weight polyethylene pipe by tensile test proved that, it has a rate of 100~300% extension under huge external pressure and internal pressure or bending force can maintain a certain deformation without rupture.


Seat belts, Traction and lifting, Outdoor sports, Marine vessels and fishing, Industrial applications.






White (Accept custom: Black / Yellow / Red / Blue)

Width:3mm-300mm, Thick:0.3mm-5mm (Accept custom)

Long time working in minus 278°C to 115°C

2.5% breaking strength, Intensity 3.6Gpa

*Specific products could be made according to customers’requirements.