Quartz Fiber Twisted Yarn

Quartz Fiber Twisted Yarn is assemblies of continuous high purity(SIO2 content≥99.95%) quartz filaments(filament diameter 7-9μm) gathered into strands(forming packaged), then processed with varying levels of twist and ply. Quartz fiber yarn has many superb properties: High purity, high temperature resistance, ablation resistance, low heat-conduction, anti-thermal shocks, excellent dielectrical property and chemical stability.


l  Make fabrics for furnace lining in industrial applications and semicon.

l  High temperature seals

l  High temperature cables

l  Filtration at elevated temperature and/or in aggressive environment

l  Thermocouple insulation

l  Satellite thermal protection

l  Insulation in automotive exhausts

l  Radome,Electromagntic window

l  Stealth materials with syructural performance for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Uninhabited Aerial Vehicles, fighter, bombers, ships, submarines, tanks.

l  Ablative materials