Quartz Fiber Fabric

Quartz fiber fabric is made by quartz fiber yarn woven into a fabric with predermined woven structures, such as plain ,satin and twill.


l  High temperature use(1050°C long term,higher temperature possible in case of short term exposure).

l  Resistance to corrosion

l  Flexibility ,dimentional stability

l  High temperature strength retention rate

l  Thermal shock resistance

l  Chemical stability

l  High electrical resistivity

l  Excellent wave penetration


l  Rockets thermal protection system

l  Ablatives in military and aerospace (rockets nozzle, aerospace reentry aircraft )

l  Radomes of missile, airplane, satellite ,ship

l  Electromagnetic windows(jamming and anti-jamming equipment)

l  Structural material for stealth technology(aircraft, naval ship, submarine)

l  Wave penetration materials