PET Foam Core

PET Structural Foam is a regenerative polymer foam for closed hole thermoplastic. It is excellent for fire, anti-smoking and anti-virus. It has excellent mechanical and anti-fatigue properties, stable chemical properties, uv protection and low water absorption. In the high temperature process conditions and after curing, the chemical property is stable, no later expansion, suitable for all resin and processing technology, it is the ideal core material to manufacture the fireproof sandwich structure.


l  Good dimensional stability, chemical stability, sound insulation and heat preservation performance

l  Superior mechanical properties(compressive strength, compressive modulus, shear strength, shear modulus, tensile strength, tensile modulus)

l  Good wear resistance, easy processing and low water absorption

l  Excellent high temperature resistance. It can resist temperature of about 200°C for a short time during processing and can resist about 120°C for a long time during its service life

l  Excellent FST performance(flame retardant, low smoke, non-toxic)

l  Excellent thermal stability, low coefficient of thermal expansion, good thermal expansion performance

l  Excellent stability. It is stable with no deformation during high temperature processing and post-curing

l  Green, eco-friendly and recyclable


l  Rail transit: floor, side wall, engine, internal structure, roof, hood

l  Ship: deck, internal structure, superstructure

l  Industry: cover plate, container, X-ray station, sports equipment

l  Architecture: ceiling, covering, dome, movable house


Contact shaping (manual/jet)-vacuum diversion-resin perfusion/injection (VARTM/RTM)-bonding-pretreatment-

mold molding(GMT, SMC)-heat molding.