Mineral Wool Board

Hitex mineral wool board is high strength board, used high-quality basalt ore as main raw material, through the high temperature melting and high speed centrifugal wire into fiber, with three dimensional method advanced production technology, added a few binding agent, shaped by thermal curing. Products are widely applied to building exterior wall insulation, roof insulation of curtain wall, industrial and civil building, compound core board, and equipment and pipeline insulation of marine bulkhead, fire door core board and all kinds of industrial or shipbuilding equipment.


l  Excellent Fiber strength low shot content and excellent heat presentation

l  High quality raw materials and high temperature technology ensure the products of fire prevention function and no flaming droplets or toxic fumes generated

l  High Hydrophobic rate, low moisture absorption rate and low water absorption; excellent anti-humidity performance

l  Adopt three dimensional method production process to ensure a good performance of product's compression and tensile strength

l  With a high acidity coefficient, can fight a variety of circulating climate and keep a stable system performance, and have the same life with the construction

l  Lots of long thin rock wool fiber forme the pompous link structure, high porosity enables the rock wool products has good sound absorption

l  As high quality fireproofing insulation materials, can greatly enhance the whole building energy efficiency and meet energy conservation’s requirements

l  The production can be arbitrary cutting and convenient for construction