Fiberglass Surface Veil


The Fiberglass Surface Veil has good resin penetration and compatibility, and can be applied to the resin-rich layer to improve the interlayer resin fluidity, to cover the cloth spots and tows in the reinforcing material, to provide a smooth and dense surface, to make it easy for further operation and enhance the adhesion of gel coat, suitable for most molding processes nad main resin systems.

Fiberglass Flame Retardant Veil has the characteristics of high strength and fire resistance. Fiberglass Flame Retardant Veil produced by Hitex uses special binder and environmentally friendly flame retardant formulations

Which are suitable for panel finishes with high safety and fire protection requirements.

Fiberglass Veneer Veil is ued for veneer of wall, ceiling and thermal insulation cotton board. The wall surface treated with the coating has the special features of flame retardant, mildew proof, water resistance and anti cracking. It is mostly used to decorate meeting rooms, hotels, theaters and other places.


l  Corrosion and aging resistance

l  Flame retardant

l  Low moisture absorption

l  Uniform fiber, fast pentration

l  Improve the interlayer resin fluidity


l  Infusion/Pultrusion/Heat Forming

l  Winding forming FRP storage tank

l  Flame retardant insulation board finish